Chenell Rose & Co FAQs

🌹Chenell Rose & Co FAQS 🌹

🌹Chenell Rose & Co WIGS can be GLUELESS!!! Closure and frontal wigs are offered. 

🌹Chenell Rose & Co wigs are constructed using 100 % human hair. We offer Virgin and RAW.

🌹Virgin hair Has Some Steam processing . Can be dyed to #27. Will last for 2+ years with proper care and maintenance. AS YOU WOULD YOUR HAIR. It is able to be washed, conditioned, flat ironed, curled.

🌹RAW hair is cut from donors head and given as is. It lasts longer than Virgin hair. It is able to be washed, conditioned, flat ironed, Curled, dyed to 613. RAW is better quality and it costs more.

🌹Chenell Rose & Co Wig turnaround is 7-14 days from payment processing.

🌹Chenell Rose & Co Wigs are constructed using the sewing machine . The purpose of this is longer lasting, more durable wigs .

🌹Chenell Rose & Co Wigs are CUSTOM MADE. You can ask for any wig to made or remade. We do not currently offer premade factory wigs.

🌹 Chenell Rose & Co offers wig maintenance services. Deep condition, restyle , or even lace replacement if needed .